children playing on outdoor playground

Playground Safety Checklist for Parents

February is here and that means that spring is right around the corner. Kids will be getting outside to play. That means lots of time at your local park on play ground equipment or even in your own backyard on your Rainbow Play System. Each month we will give you new play ground safety tips and guidelines to help keep your kids safe and to prevent any accidents.

This month we have a general parent safety checklist for you to use when you are at your local park using the playground equipment.

Parent Safety Checklist:

Here are some tips to follow to help prevent accidents and keep your kids safe at the playground!

1. Do a Quick Assessment

Do a quick assessment. Before children enter the play area, make sure following are present:

  1. A place where adults can supervise the kids at all times
  2. The area is free of hazards.  (I.E. trash and broken glass)
  3. There is safety surfacing. (Examples are sand, wood chops, rubber bark or pour in place rubber.)
  4. The equipment has been maintained (no broken pieces, exposed screws, cracked plastic, etc.
  5. There is shade, to prevent play equipment getting too hot, and kids getting sunburned.

2. Is It Age Appropriate?

Make sure the kids are playing on equipment that is designed for their age group. Playgrounds are usually designed with equipment that is broken up into the following age groups: ages 6-23 months, 2 yrs.– 5yrs., and 5 yrs. -12 yrs. (sometimes there will be areas that combine 2 yrs. -12 yrs. as well). The areas for the preschool age kids should have: Smaller steps, low platforms with short ladders or ramps, and shorter slides, (usually less than 4 feet high).

3. Be Vigilant

It is estimated that nearly half of all playground injuries are related to inadequate supervision. Watch your kids at all times! Enjoy your time outside as spring draws near and stay safe!