children playing on outdoor playground

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  • The Physical and Mental Benefits of Playgrounds

    Playgrounds provide a number of benefits for children in both physical and mental capacities. Playsets from Rainbow Play Systems in particular have excellent safety features along with green benefits. Benefits Physical Improve motor skills, build strong muscles through healthy activity. Developmental Boost neurological development with physical activity. Social Build important social skills like peer cooperation…

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  • Rules for Safe Play

    Summer is here and you may have decided to put a new Rainbow Play System in your backyard, or maybe you already have one.  Here are Rainbow’s rules for safe play so you can enjoy that play system!

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  • Selecting Protective Surfacing

    One of the most important things you can do to reduce the likelihood of serious head injuries is to install shock-absorbing protective surfacing under and around your play equipment. The protective surfacing should be applied to a depth that is suitable for the equipment height in accordance with ASTM F1292. There are different types of…

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  • Choosing a Location for Your Play System

    It’s April and that means tax return time.  What better time than now to purchase a new Rainbow Play System! When selecting your play site, always keep the child’s safety in mind. Here are some recommendations that should help you achieve a safe play area. Keep these recommendations in mind and enjoy your new Rainbow…

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  • Maintenance of Your Play System

    To ensure safe enjoyment of your Rainbow Play System for years to come, follow these maintenance tips:

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